Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday, Aug 2, 2010

Unexpected delays unloading container.

Three panels for B bldg were hidden in back with A panels so the guys spent hot hours unloading about 75% of the container to locate them. We had advised Eco-Panels we wouldn't use the container for storage so they loaded for optimum packing. We do keep the container for the one week or so allowed by Tropical Shipping without demurrage charges so we should have arranged for the panels to be packed in the order we use them. That way they are pulled and placed directly onto the building site. That might not be 100% possible if it creates too much wasted container space so if panels aren't packed in order for the next pod shipment we'll work on having a specific loading list so we'll know where to find any that are not with their building section .

We also had some confusion on the panel identification but it worked out in the end and the work was underway on B (lower building) walls by late morning on Monday.

Thanks to Mike and Charles at Eco-Panels for being always available by phone to answer our questions and help us out.

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