Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurricane Earl

How times have changed. With 2 potential hurricanes facing us we decided not to put up the second floor walls and risk not being able to support them in time with the roof so the crew worked on entry decks and scaffolding and we spent Friday and Sunday securing the site. Right now 7:50am the hurricane is forecast to pass just north of us, if it does we'll just barely miss hurricane force winds, we currently experiencing tropical storm force winds. Photos from the past few days will follow when the storm passes.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24 Day 2 on Bldg A

The goal is to complete one two story building in 5 days. Yesterday was first floor walls day, today it's second floor joists day. Looks good.

August 23 lots of projects underway


B bldg Entry Deck

Joseph & Jamal of Love City Plumbing have arrived

A Building Walls - Day 1

August 23 wall panel from container to permanent home

Jason completes install by tightening the camlock.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug 20 Yes it Really is this Beautiful

View South from Eco-Studio deck. You are looking at the VI National Park's Ram Head Point on the Left (great hiking, especially on the full moon), Salt Pond Bay and the waters of the Coral Reef National Monument outside the bay.

View East from Eco-Studio deck. On the left is the back edge of the Eco-Studio Building housing units A23 & A24 (see earlier blog entries, these were completed in February this year), the Concordia Pavilion (Cafe Concordia, Registration, and Covered Pavilion with circular open deck used for yoga classes, weddings and other functions), then the nearby waters of Drunk Bay and Africa in the distance.

View from B Building Eco-Studio Interior

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Aug 20 B Building

The guys are working on the entry deck of A Building, framing visible here, it will be used for access to the first floor and will support the scaffold on this side of the building to provide access to the second floor.

We had planned to move quickly to A building last week but Fitz decided to spend more time on B Building, applying the roof felt and tacking on the purlins (waiting on arrival of 8" purlin screws). Then completing the interior walls of both floors so the electricians, plumbers and roofing crews can start next week when he moves the carpentry/panel crew to A building. It's our goal to complete the A building structure in 5 days starting on Monday. I'll post daily so we have a record of this attempt.
Wish us good weather!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eco-Panels Wall and Window Header Install Video

Eco-Panels Window Footing Install Video

Bldg B Second level deck

Gary and Fitz and crew have completed the upper floor deck and are working on the scaffold, deck plates and ramp for 2nd floor wall panels to be installed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bldg B First level walls Second level floor

Crescensio is painting the AC Ply on the corner panels. Since some of the panels are stored on the site (covered with waterproof tarp) and the installed panels are exposed to rain until the building is dried in completely with windows, doors, roofing, etc. all interior AC ply must be protected with a coat of primer. We use Zinsser Acrylic Primer from the St. Thomas Paint Depot.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, More Wall Panels Going Up

Good progress, good crew, good weather, thank you no-longer-extant Tropical Storm Colin.