Friday, February 12, 2010

And then there's the view...

Come enjoy these beautiful, peaceful, easy on the earth additions to Estate Concordia Preserve.

See you soon!

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Our Toto high efficiency toilets offer two flushing options to minimize water use.

Waste water is processed in an aerobic plant we installed down the hill in the woods below the EcoStudios, treated liquid effluent from the plant is stored in a holding tank and pumped via solar pump back up towards the units for irrigation.

Large shower stalls use low flow shower faucets and solar heated hot water.

Bedroom and Dining Areas

The Eco Studios have queen beds, large overhead ceiling fans, and batiked wall hangings from the Maho Art Center.

The dining area has a recessed table that can be pulled out to seat up to four people, which is the max occupancy for the unit. Note the recycled glass hanging lamp over the dining table.

Recycled Counter Tops

So here's the finished product...Bath vanity features glass (Perrier and Heineken) and cement counter tops made at our Maho Recycled Art Center, pressed glass soap dishes and clay tiles...

and kitchen counter tops made with brown beer bottles; we're thrilled we finally have a use for our large quantities of brown waste glass.

Our first guests arrive this weekend!

Living areas feature queen futons, cork flooring, great views and cool breezes. Straw area rugs, potted local plants and locally produced wall hangings still to come.

Entry decks feature Trex composite lumber, hand blown recycled glass exterior lights.

While these units operate on AC power (our Eco-Tents are strictly DC power), solar panel arrays on the south facing roofs are tied to the local power company meter, allowing us to offset our power usage and produce hot water .