Saturday, May 29, 2010

Footings underway

The crew is hand digging holes for the 3x3x1.5 footings. They set flat spots as above, we check the exact center points for each, then they'll dig to the 1.5' depth. The footing boxes will be ready by Monday.
Some spots are more challenging than others.
We'll either incorporate the rock into the footing or if it's not too large we'll drill it out as above. All rocks and dirt removed for these footings are placed within the building site so we can keep a greenbelt around the periphery. Specimen plants, such as sage, orchids and air plants in the footing areas are transferred to areas outside the building envelope.

click on image to enlarge

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Site work begins

We're taking great care to retain as much natural vegetation as possible. See above narrow path to the phase 2 site. Lots of pipe-organ cactus (Pilosocereus royenii) and air plants (Tillandsia utriculata) are visible here and throughout the site. Other botanical notables are the butterfly orchids (Psychilis macconnelliae), barrel cactus (Melocactus intortus) and local sage (Lantana involucrata).

Segundo and Jabuddha set batter boards to layout the building site and are adding string lines based on the surveyor points and elevations determined by our architect which will be used to identify the exact locations for the footings. We've cut only vegetation inside the building area. Even the terrace area is uncut in the hopes we can keep low lying vegetation under the decks. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So here we go again... Phase 2

Margaret and Lyn from St. John Projects meet with Glen and Maggie (photographer) to pin down the materials list and small design changes. Margaret & Lyn do amazing work researching our sustainable material options and preparing bid and spec sheets obtaining quotes and coordinating shipping when needed.

We have a more challenging site this time so the crew from BGM Engineering have come out to shoot the elevations.

Sustainability Features of Phase 1 Eco-Studios

Eco-Studio Sustainability Features

Site Planning & Design

Minimal site damage during construction

Vegetation cleared on site recycled and used for down slope diversion berms

Minimal construction waste due to pre-fab panel construction

Parking area integrated into adjoining site to minimize excavation

Native plant landscaping

Buildings sited to retain maximum number of native plants in situ, transplanted when possible.

Native vegetation greenbelt retained along road way and all sides of property/building

Compost area for landscape trimmings offsite

Biological survey and rare plant inventory completed

Building Structure

High insulation due to use of:

Eco-Panels' SIPS R40 insulated walls, roofs & sub floor panels

Tyvek building wrap

HardiPlank siding

TekFoil roof insulation

Energy Star rated metal roofing

PGT Winguard windows & doors

Cork flooring

Low VOC paints and primers

Trek recycled wood and plastic deckboard

Water & Energy Conservation & Management

Energy Star rated:

Metal roofing

Insulated impact resistent windows & doors

Toto low flush toilets

Summit refrigerator/freezer

Covered deck faces south

Buildings site takes advantage of natural breezes and maximizes use of natural ventilation

Compact Fluorescent and LED lighting

Low flow shower and faucets

Solar hot water system

Aerobic wastewater plant and irrigation system

Power usage offset with 1KW Solar Grid Tie System per 4 unit pod

Light Pollution

No outward shining light fixtures on buildings or boardwalks

Supporting Local Art & Industry

Use of Maho Recycled Art:

Concrete and recycled glass countertops in kitchen and bath

Clay sconces

Clay tiles in vanity and shower walls

Fabric wall hangings

Support and promotion of local artists work displayed in units and sold in store

Property entrance sign created by local artist

Top floor units accessible for persons with moderate mobility issues

(future wheelchair accessible).

All building materials & furnishings were purchased locally unless specialty item not available or orderable thru a local supplier.

Award Winning EcoStudios!!!

The first phase of our EcoStudios has won the second Island Green Builders Award. Here are Glen, Stanley and Rob Crane from the Island Green Builders Group with our award. We received 4 stars of a possible 5. The award was made of recycled glass at our very own Maho Bay Recycled Art Center. Next phase...5 stars!!