Monday, June 14, 2010

Studio footings ready for steel - boardwalk underway

The footing boxes were completed on Thursday. Six 3x3x(min 18") and three 2x2x12" for each studio building plus two 2x2x12" for the decks. We had planned to install the #5 rebar on Thursday and Friday but ran into delays from local supplier MSI, it was promised for Thursday morning but not cut and bent until Friday and Monday and we won't receive it until tomorrow, Tuesday. If all goes well we'll tie the steel on Tues - Thurs, have a cushion day on Friday (will work on the boardwalk if we don't need it) and pour on Monday next week.

So the guys have moved onto the boardwalk. We looked at making the approach to these units a wheelchair accessible ramp but with the elevation change it would be so long it would be very expensive and would require cutting way too much vegetation. The original boardwalk design started out with a 10x10 deck, seen here.

click image to enlarge

While that would be helpful for storing material during construction it was giving us a considerable elevation to change in a short distance to the studio pod deck, required cutting the large lower branches of a terrific turpentine tree (reducing the shade) and it was too large, inconsistent with the upper property boardwalk entrance and the entry to phase 1, visible across and just down the road respectively. So we reduced the size to same as phase 1, with a 6x6 entry deck and steps dropping down immediately so it drops under the canopy and meanders nicely to the studios. We'll build a temporary sliding deck for transporting material to the upper pod and store it on the deck there.

click on image to enlarge

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