Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catch up time

So sorry high season resort demands scooped up the past few weeks. Catching up on our
Eco-Studio construction , we were disappointed we did not have them ready for Xmas as hoped.

This is a learning experience for our crew and we'll use what we learn from this first phase
to improve time and construction costs on the next 4 unit pod.

The biggest time and labor overrun has been the application of the HardiPlank. The photos below are in order noted here, they show the progress on each wall so we can review the timeline. The 3 man crew attaching the Hardiplank were working 99% of their time on this project, 5 days per week 8 hrs per day, 2.5 extra days off at Xmas.

Nov 20 Bldg 1 Wall 1
Nov 27 Bldg 1 Wall 2
Dec 7 Bldg 1 Wall 3
Dec 14 Bldg 1 Wall 4

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